Finance  provides you samples of over 100 of our training videos and audio interviews through the lnks below.  We currently offer training and certificate programs in hedge funds, private equity, financial analysis, investment banking and financial modeling.
We also now offer a Master’s Certificate in Finance & Investments.

Finance 101

  1. Be a Financial Analyst
  2. Net Present Value Definition
  3. Named Ranges in Excel
  4. Business Sensitivity Analysis

Financial Analysis

  1. Financial Analysis Training
  2. Finance Careers
  3. Steven Schreiber Interview
  4. How to Be a Financial Analyst
  5. Net Present Value
  6. Financial Analysis Internship
  7. Justin Smith Interview
  8. How to Create Named Ranges in Excel
  9. How to Conduct a Business Sensitivity Analysis
  10. Cliff Thomas Interview
  11. Katalin Antal Interview

Private Equity

  1. The History of Private Equity
  2. Hedge Funds and Private Equity
  3. Why Invest in Private Equity
  4. Private Equity Seed Capital
  5. How to Launch Your Private Equity Career
  6. Mega Funds Having Hard Time Raising Capital
  7. Private Equity Industry in Singapore

Capital Raising

  1. Hedge Fund Marketing
  2. International Capital Raising
  3. Due Diligence Call
  4. Third Party Marketing
  5. Institutional Investment Consultant
  6. Brian Tracy Interview
  7. Capital Raising Copywriting
  8. Educational Marketing Strategy
  9. Cow Paths Marketing

Financial Modeling

  1. What is Financial Modeling?
  2. Discounted Cash Flow Valuation
  3. Financial Modeling Tutorial
  4. Financial Projections Model
  5. Discounted Cash Flow Valuation
  6. Discounted Cash Flow Valuation Demonstration
  7. Financial Model Setup
  8. Financial Modeling Using Excel
  9. Financial Income Statement
  10. Financial Balance Sheets
  11. Cash Flow Statement Model
  12. Income Statement Projection
  13. Balance Sheet Projection
  14. Projecting Cash Flow
  15. Excel Financial Formulas
  16. Excel Financial Formulas Continued
  17. Financial Ratios
  18. Financial Valuation Methods
  19. What If Analysis Definition

Family Offices

  1. What is a Family Office?
  2. Family Office Directory
  3. Growing Your Multi Family Office Wealth Management Business
  4. Family Office Directory Video Quote
  5. 5 Family Office Best Practices
  6. Global Differences in Family Office Wealth Management
  7. Family Office Industry Growth
  8. Family Office Investment Committee
  9. Family Office Emerging Fund Managers
  10. How to Start a Family Office
  11. Family Office Conference Speaker
  12. Family Office Conference Video
  13. Core Satellite Investing Model
  14. Crystal Clear Unique Selling Proposition
  15. Family Office Operations
  16. Single Family Office Consultant Insights
  17. The Future of the Single Family office Industry
Hedge Funds

  1. Hedge Fund Career
  2. Hedge Fund Formation
  3. Hedge Fund Investors
  4. Hedge Fund Marketing
  5. Hedge Fund Career Mistakes
  6. What is a Hedge Fund?
  7. Documenting Operational Hedge Fund Processes
  8. Hedge Fund Due Diligence Questionnaire
  9. Difference Between Absolute and Relative Returns
  10. Hedge Fund Seed Capital Providers
  11. Warning Signs for Hedge Fund Investors
  12. Hedge Fund Business Investment
  13. Securing Hedge Fund Seed Capital
  14. Hedge Fund Seeding
  15. Ocean-Ready Hedge Fund Business Model
  16. Hedge Fund Problems
  17. Hedge Fund Trends
  18. Hedge Funds in Japan
  19. Hedge Funds in Singapore
  20. History of Hedge Funds
  21. Certified Hedge Fund Professional Designation
  22. Hedge Fund Public Relations
  23. Hedge Fund Liquidity
  24. Hedge Fund Transparency
  25. How to Start a Hedge Fund Career
  26. Hedge Funds in Monaco
  27. Hedge Funds in Europe
  28. Hedge Fund Service Providers
  29. Investment and Research Process
  30. Hedge Fund Training
  31. Hurdle Rate Definition
  32. CHP Designation
  33. Hedge Fund Team
  34. Hedge Fund Governance
  35. Hedge Fund Ecosystem
  36. High Water Mark Definition
  37. What is a Hedge Fund?
  38. Hedge Fund Future
  39. CHP Designation Review
  40. Hedge Fund Certificate
  41. Directional and Non-Directional Risk
  42. Option Risks

Investment Banking

  1. Discounted Cash Flow Valuation
  2. Debt Restructurings
  3. Leveraged Buyout Definition
  4. Mergers and Acquisitions Process
  5. Valuation Overview
  6. Basic Financial Modeling Part 1
  7. Basic Financial Modeling Part 2
  8. Basic Financial Modeling Part 3
  9. Accretion Dilution Analysis
  10. Leveraged Buyout Modeling Part 1
  11. Leveraged Buyout Modeling Part 2
  12. Leveraged Buyout Modeling Part 3
  13. Discounted Cash Flow Analysis Part 1
  14. Discounted Cash Flow Analysis Part 2
  15. Leveraged Recapitalization
  16. Precedent Transaction Analysis
  17. Public Equity Offerings
  18. The Business of Investment Banking
  19. S1 Stock Offering
  20. 14A Proxy Statement
  21. 10Q Reports
  22. Investment Banking Cover Letter
  23. Investment Banking Interview Topics
  24. Investment Banking Interview Process
  25. Investment Banking Internships
  26. Investment Banking Associate Programs
  27. Investment Banking Analyst Programs
  28. Investment Banking After the Job Offer
  29. Financial Modeling Best Practices – Part 1
  30. Financial Modeling Best Practices – Part 2


Finance Questions


  1. What is Financial Modeling?
  2. What is a Hedge Fund?
  3. What is a Family Office?



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