Our team has now written several books on the industry and we are releasing at least two more books every year. Please review our most popular books below:

Family-Office-Book-3D-SmallerThe Hedge Fund E-Book: Richard Wilson who founded the Hedge Fund Group has authored one of the top 3 most popular books ever written on hedge funds, The Hedge Fund E-Book.

Within this book you will learn about hedge fund capital raising, startups, industry trends, and careers. Download your copy right now here:

The Hedge Fund Book by Richard WilsonThe Hedge Fund Book: A Training Manual for Professionals and Capital Raising Executives: Richard Wilson’s hardcover hedge fund book published by Wiley in 2010 includes over 24 interviews with hedge fund experts and industry veterans.

Grab a copy of this book in hardcover or kindle format here.

Family Office BookThe Family Office Report: If you are interested in working further with family offices check out our Family Office Report. This report will update you on recent family office industry developments, terms you should know, and capital raising strategies for raising money from family offices.

This report may be downloaded for free at

Family Office Book 3D PictureThe Family Office Book: Investing Capital for the Ultra-Affluent: This is the #1 bestselling book on family offices currently, and it includes interview transcripts and excerpts with 36 single and multi-family office CEOs and CIOs from all around the world.  Another bonus this book includes is 28 video modules, all included in the low price of about $30 for the book.  To purchase your copy in hardcover or Kindle formats please visit: